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Cosmetology – including hairstyling, hairdressing, hair design, nail technology and more – has emerged as one of the premier skilled trades in America today. Few professions offer as much opportunity for additional earnings through gratuity, the freedom to establish an independent practice, and the stability that comes with being part of a multi-billion dollar industry that is only expected to keep growing.

A resource like Cosmetology-License.com has been a long time coming. For years aspiring cosmetologists have navigated state licensing requirements, training options, and exam preparation without the benefit of a comprehensive resource dedicated to would-be cosmetologists and the broad field of cosmetology. The heart and soul of Cosmetology-License.com is the step-by-step state licensing guides designed to answer every question an aspiring cosmetologist is likely to have. These state-specific guides are presented in a sequential order that is easy to follow and easy to understand.

Cosmetology-License.com represents countless hours of tireless research and consultation with state boards of cosmetology and other primary sources. The editorial team that made Cosmetolgoy-License.com a reality brings many years of research and technical writing experience to a topic we feel passionate about. We aim to help up-and-coming cosmetologists make an easy transition through a licensing process that can be a bit completed at times. We’re confident that visitors to Cosmetolgoy-License.com will find the career preparation process is a lot less intimidating and a lot more fun with a dedicated and easy-to-use resource by their side.