California Cosmetologists Require More Training than Police Officers



Cosmetology is popular for many people considering career options, in part because it takes less time than a 4-year degree program. Cosmetology students are able to quickly enter into the workforce and begin building their career in the beauty industry, many within a year of graduating high school. For some, this lends itself to a perception that Cosmetology is easier than other careers and requires less investment than some other career options.

This could not be further from the truth. In the state of California, for example, it takes more time to complete the certification process to become a licensed cosmetologist than it does to become a police officer. A cosmetologist is required by the California Board of Cosmetology to complete 1,600 hours of training to qualify for their license. The California Commission on Peace Officer standards and Training on the other hand mandates that a police officer need complete only 664 hours of training.

This is in part due to the sheer diversity of topics that a cosmetologist is required to have at least some level of expertise in. When dealing with beauty, no two faces are alike. anatomy, bone structure, diseases, and chemistry can all have an impact on someone’s personal beauty regimen. Alongside this, cosmetologists also have to be well versed in financial matters, acquiring business knowledge that will help them to manage many aspects of their career.

There are some counties in California that require an additional 920 hours of training for their police officers, but even this still falls 16 hours shorts of the requirements for a licensed cosmetologist.This does not diminish the work that police officers do, but instead provides enlightening perspective into the hard work and effort that goes into becoming a cosmetologist.