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Rebecca is a full-time writer and editor with a BA in Journalism and Communications. Throughout her career she has contributed to high-profile websites and blogs related to psychology, social and behavioral sciences, teaching and more. You can connect with Rebecca on LinkedIn at

The Top 5 Ways to Give your Body a Break

Standing, moving, bending, stretching, reaching, extending, and grasping are all part of an ordinary day on the job for you. Sitting at a desk all day? Not a chance. It’s awesome to be up and moving throughout the day, and …

Pricing Lessons from Uber for Cosmetologists

Ivan Zoot provided a detailed roadmap in Modern Salon to teach cosmetologists how to gradually increase their prices. He uses the model of Uber which charges more for rides during periods of peak demands and less at other times. Charging …

Is Psy-Cosmetology the Wave of the Future?

Anyone that regularly visits the salon understands that a haircut is more than just a haircut. And finding a compatible cosmetologist is often more about personality than technical skills. The most successful cosmetologists strive to give customers haircuts that not …