Psy-Cosmetology: Cosmetologists as The New Therapists



Beauty clients have long divulged their inner-most secrets and feelings to their stylists. Though this type of relationship is not new within the beauty industry, the concept of ‘Psy-Cosmetology’ has been recently designed to enhance the client-stylist relationship even further.

Howard Hafetz, CEO of Raylong Corporation developed the concept of ‘Psy-Cosmetology’ as a way for professional cosmetologists to increase their self-esteem which has been shown to lead to a more successful career. The 5-hour seminar is designed to enhance the emotional relationship between stylists and clients.

Jay Williams, a veteran in the beauty industry and guest speaker at the workshops believes that stylists can be extremely influential to their clients and by intertwining cosmetology with psychology stronger client relationships can be built. He also pointed out that on average, women stay with their hairdressers for seven years. During this time, the client will share many life events.

The seminar is based on the book by noted psychologist Dr. Lew Losoncy. Published in 1985, On Becoming a Psy-Cosmetologist examines the importance of beauty to professionals and works on enhancing the public’s perspective on hairdressers. Additionally, it cultivates the hairdresser’s self-esteem within the industry.

The beauty industry is becoming increasingly competitive and according to the Psy-Cosmetologist program, people skills are becoming as important as technical skills. Making lasting emotional connections with clients can determine the length and success of a stylist’s career.

The seminar is not just for stylists though, it was open to Psychology students as well. Kori Portee, a Psychology student at McNeese State University in Lake Charles, LA says that the seminar helped her understand how mixing the concepts can improve relationships in any career, not just cosmetology.

In addition to the psychological aspects, the seminar also covers subjects such as gaining referrals, increasing client retention and improving online reviews.