Single Father Offers “Daddy Daughter Hair Factory” Class for Dads



After becoming a single dad when his daughter was just one year old, Phillippe Morgese of South Florida did the only thing he could think to do – teach himself how to style his daughter’s hair.

When Emma, his daughter, was younger he started with simple styles involving clips and moved on to more complicated styles incorporating braids and twists. He spent time on Google looking at different ways to do hair, practicing on his own hair because he didn’t want his daughter sporting messy ponytails every day.

Once he mastered the skill, he decided to teach a class to other single dads in his area. After contacting a local beauty school, Morgese is able to pass along his skills to other novice dads through a class called “Daddy Daughter Hair Factory.”

Morgese approached South Daytona International Academy to inquire about getting a space for free, and they were more than happy to oblige and offer him the spot. He decided not to charge for the class so as to encourage dads who want to help with their daughters’ routines in the morning, but who don’t have any extra money to spend on training.

His first class was a major success and after posting some photos of the class on Reddit, they went viral and received two million views in less than two days.

His class will be offered every Wednesday and he is now welcoming moms who need help too.

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