Everything You Need to Know to Offer French Manicures in Your Nail Salon



Ah, yes, the French manicure: arguably one of the most iconic of the classic manicures.

Every nail technician program leading to state licensure will cover the art of the French manicure. But if you want to stay on top of the latest trends in French manicures, you will want to seek out a class or two for the newest techniques and products and for loads of inspiration.

Advanced courses designed for nail technicians can provide an opportunity to learn a variety of interesting nail designs, including French manicures using both conventional polish and gel polish.

The French Manicure Stages a Comeback

The classic French manicure is a nail design that features a white tip and a pink nail bed. The look can be achieved with nail polish, nail art paints, airbrushing, specialty tips, or colored acrylics. In general, though, a French manicure is actually any type of manicure that incorporates one color on the nail’s tip and another on the nail’s bed.

Today’s French manicures still feature the contrast between the tip and the nail bed, but the contrast is achieved through bold colors, metallic, graphic shapes, and negative space.

Although the French manicure has been replaced with other nail trends at times, it’s made a strong comeback as of late, making several appearances at New York Fashion Week and on the runways of major fashion houses like Cushnie et Och, Monique Lhuillier, and Tibi.

But let’s be clear: Today’s French manicures are worlds apart from the squared, white-tipped style that made its way into the vast majority of prom pictures from the 1990s. In other words, there are plenty of ways to rock a French manicure.

Bold polishes, foils and brushes have revamped the thick, white tip for the modern era, keeping the iconic nail design in the back pocket of every nail technician’s repertoire.

If you haven’t given much consideration to the French manicure lately, it may be time to brush up on the newest French manicure trends and techniques that are rocking the runways.

Offering French Manicures in Your Nail Salon

There really are endless possibilities when it comes to updating the French manicure into a modern look. Changing up and modernizing the traditional French manicure can be achieved by:

Switching up the line

The line between the nail tip and the nail bed doesn’t always have to be straight. Creating any type of variation to a straight line – from a pointed arrow design to a wavy design, can quickly evolve the traditional French manicure.

Going bold with the tip color

Exciting, eye-catching tip colors are a great way to make a French manicure a trendy affair. But you can also achieve a unique look that’s more suitable for everyday by applying a pale pink or nude base similar to a traditional French manicure and then applying a thin line along the tip using silver, gold, or black.

Getting creative with the base color

The French manicure’s traditional white tip can be updated by applying a fresh base color.

Painting underneath the nail tip

One of freshest looks for French manicures involves painting underneath the tip of the nail. After painting the nail with a beige or light pink shade, paint beneath the tip with an opaque white or light pink polish. The result is a French manicure with a slightly lighter contrast and a more natural appearance.

Changing up the nail shape

Many clients still adore the traditional colors of the French manicure, but you can still update the look by switching up the square nail with something more unexpected, like a slightly pointed or oval nail shape.

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