Criteria We Used in Selecting Top Cosmetology Programs



In making our selection of the top beauty academies in each state, we considered the 12 things that are most important to student cosmetologists:

  • Graduation Rate: More than half of students finish the program on time
  • Student Debt: The median level of debt at graduation is less than 60 percent of the program cost
  • Success Rate: More than 75 percent of graduates find work in the field
  • Job Placement: Job placement or career services are offered
  • Veteran Benefits: Veteran’s Administration benefits are accepted
  • Cutting System: School has a hair-cutting system over and above state required training
  • Community: School maintains involvement with the local community (volunteering, charity events, etc)
  • Facilities: Cool and up-to-date training facilities
  • Scholarships: Scholarships available to prospective students
  • Business Training: Specialized salon business training offered with the curriculum
  • Value: Schools that offer rigorous programs that satisfy board requirements for licensure at a price that is lower than the overall average for all schools on the list
  • Wow Factor: Whether it is the great price, exceptional instructors, or over-the-top customer service, schools that made us say, “Wow!”