Nail Technician School and License Requirements in Kansas

Can you imagine a career where you get to use your talent, fun, and creativity each and every day, and also have the stability of knowing that your career is growing? As a manicurist and pedicurist in Kansas, you can have just that. In the Sunflower State, you will always be encouraged to stay on the cutting edge of the latest nail fashion trends and techniques, and the career of manicurists and pedicurists is expected to grow 10.8% by the year 2020, according to the Kansas Labor Information Center.

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To start your journey toward becoming a fully licensed manicurist in Kansas, you will want to become become familiar with the Kansas Board of Cosmetology, which regulates the licensing standards for the cosmetologists, electrologists, estheticians, and manicurists in the state, which each have their own, unique set of education and exam standards. As a manicurist, you will work primarily as a specialist for nails.

For guidance on how to complete the manicurist license requirements in the state of Kansas, follow these easy steps:

Graduate from Nail Technician School
Pass ErgoMetrics Exams
Submit License Application
Renew License



Step 1. Graduate from Nail Technician School

Your first step toward a license in Kansas is completing 350 hours in a nail technician school. These programs are fun and quick, and from them, you will learn the ins and outs of the beauty industry. You will become familiar with everything from nail theory to nail practice to nail business methods, ensuring your success as a manicurist and pedicurist in the state.

The Board recognizes approved manicurist license courses, which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Sanitation
  • Chemistry
  • General Concepts
  • Product Composition
  • Chemical Safety/OSHA Regulations
  • Nail Structure
  • Nail Growth and Regeneration
  • Nail Irregularities and Diseases
  • Skin Structure and Functions
  • Manicuring Skills
  • Manicuring procedures
  • Repairing Techniques
  • Hand and Arm Massages
  • Application of Polish
  • Purpose and Effect of Artificial Nails
  • Business Practices
  • Managements Practices
  • Salon Development
  • Insurance
  • Client Records
  • Salesmanship
  • Kansas Laws, Rules, and Regulations

Keep in mind that many beauty schools offer continuing education that you may take advantage of, so that you stay on the cutting edge of nail beauty, trends, and techniques.



Step 2. Pass ErgoMetrics Exams

As your second step, you will need to pass an ErgoMetrics Kansas Cosmetology exam, which is administered by the National Testing Network. Upon your request, your beauty school will refer you to take this exam online, and they will give you a temporary password that will allow you to sign up for the exam. To sign up for this exam, you need to be at least seventeen (17) years old and within eighty (80) days of completing your nail technician school. By the time you actually take the exam, you will need to have completed your program.

Be sure to read the Exam Preparation Guide, which details everything you will need to know concerning payments, exam locations, scheduling, regulations, and more. The test includes a written exam and a practical exam that you will have to schedule separately.


The written exam is a two (2) hour, computer-based exam. The exam will cover the following nail technician information:

  • Kansas Sate General Laws, Rules, and Regulations
  • Safety, Sanitation, and Infection Control
  • Implements, Tools, and Equipment
  • Anatomy and Pysiology
  • Nail Care and Services
  • Product Knowledge and Chemistry

You may pay $25 for a practice written test. You will pay the $50 exam fee online when you schedule the exam. You must pass this exam with a score of at least %75.


The practical exam is administered in a real manicurist setting, and it grades your ability to perform manicuring and pedicuring services. You will bring your own kit and hand mannequin to perform at a workstation, following a script. You will be scored on the following standards and services:

  • Initial Setup
  • Blood Spill Procedures
  • Manicure
  • Nail Tip
  • Nail Wrap
  • Sculptured Nail
  • Polish
  • Disinfection and Cleanup

You will pay the $49 exam fee online when you schedule the exam. You must also pass this exam with a %75.



Step 3. Submit License Application

Your final step includes submitting your application for your license! In order to apply for the license, complete the following steps:

  • Submit Application
  • Prove any name changes with legal documents
  • Submit clear copy of government issued ID
  • Provide proof of nail technician education
  • Provide high school records
  • Submit $45 application fee

You may also choose to submit an application for a temporary permit if you are waiting to take your exams and cannot yet do so. Only one (1) temporary permit will be issued per nail technician.

You can mail in the application and supporting documents to the Board at the following address:

714 SW Jackson Suite 100
Topeka, KS 66603
Telephone: (785) 296-3155



Step 4. Renew License

Continuing education in Kansas is only required for cosmetology instructors, so as long as your license allows you to work as a manicurist, rather than teach manicure and pedicure services, then you will not be required to complete continuing education before you renew your license. However, it is always beneficial to consider continuing education, since it allows you to perform more services, meaning that you can work with more clients. Also, as you stay in the know on the latest nail fashion trends, you will get the benefits of being in the know, of pleasing your clients, and of impressing your employer.

You will be sent an email notice of your license expiration, and upon that notice, you may renew online.

You will be able to apply for jobs as a manicurist and pedicurist, and you will get to choose if you want to work part-time or full-time, allowing the career to be flexible around your schedule. Further, you may someday even get to open your own nail salon! If you’re looking for salons, go ahead and check out some of the following:

  • M T Hair and Nails – Kansas City
  • Nails Art – Kansas City
  • Alma Latina – Kansas City
  • Lucky Seven hair and Nails – Kansas City
  • Regal Nails – Olathe

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